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“Sound Therapy felt like a super powered Savasana.” – G. O’Connell, Toronto Star


Sound Therapy and Acupuncture quickly begin to activate and regulate the central, autonomic, and peripheral nervous systems to facilitate gentle reprocessing and release of pain, stress, trauma, memories, and emotions, and allow for the body to respond, release, regulate and integrate. Sound Therapy is offered on an individual or group basis.

“After a bad car accident, I felt overwhelmed with fear. Phil gently helped me release the trauma in a space I felt comfortable and safe.” – J. McDonald

Qi Gong (chee-gun), is the basic exercise system in Chinese medicine, combining meditative and physically active elements. The exercises are often practiced post session to help regulate the entire nervous system and integrate mind and body.

“Sound Therapy delivers on many levels but the overall calming effect is unique, its like the world slows down for you.” – R.R. Angle


Traditional Chinese Medicine Counselling and TCM Psycho-Education is implemented at the appropriate times to create a deeper understanding and connection of how mental and psychological states are affecting and impacting the body and how they are physically manifesting symptoms.

“I never thought a natural therapy could ease my chronic anxiety. I am now a believer.” – Andrew M.

To continue the reprocessing and allow the client to move on with their life and and own their truth, herbal medicine may be used to support the treatments provided. Mindfulness skills are taught using breath as the main connector to the body and the main interruptor of the inner storyline loop. Clients will be able to use and integrate these practices into their daily lives.

“It’s like a full body and mind massage.” – M.Hill


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